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Who We Are?


Our goal at Sikaditech Academy is to proliferate and promulgate digital transformation, digital adaption to prepare the African youths, African entrepreneurs, business organization  for the 4th industrial revolution. We aim to use technology and digital skills are a great equalizer that extends opportunities equally for everyone including people with disabilities particularly. 

To do this we are offering consulting, training and applicable solutions tailored to your social and professional needs. 

We work closely to build strong trust-based partnership with each of our customer, ensuring safety, reliability and efficiency with a customer-centric mindset; and finding innovative ways to deliver great values to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Whether you are potential customer or just curious to learn more more about our services and website design or our courses on online business, you’ve come to the right place. 


Our belief in the opportunities and the transformation that the fourth 4th industrial revolution brings.

We realize that we will need a lot more hands readily empowered to embark on this mission and make it a reality. That’s why created a learn-by-doing-courses to transfer the knowledge and get our student ready to start working.

We’ve also prepared a master class course called “Digital Start-Up” to teach digital solution services to aspiring digital entrepreneur from scratch to help them set up their own website design business or digital solution services start-up. Learn more about this course…

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